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Nice little curl commands

Here are some curl friendly web services that you can use in your terminal:


  • curl Displays a nice weather report.
    • You can also specify city-code like this:
    • If the output is too long for your terminal, just use it with less: curl | less -R


  • curl Simply shows your public ip.
  • curl Prints a formatted JSON that contains information about your ip.


  • curl -F'file=@yourfile.png' Uploads specified file to and returns the url.
  • curl -F'shorten=' Shortens the given URL.
    • Just visit for more information.
  • curl --upload-file ./hello.txt Uploads specified file to and returns the url.
    • This service is more sophisticated, you can set some constraints to your files and stuff. Visit for more examples with curl.

Cheat sheets

  • curl Shows a simple cheatsheet for specified command (in this case tar)
  • curl Same thing with above but this uses tldr. But there are some problems:

    • common / tar .md

    The first bold part may be one of these: common, linux. The second bold part is the command itself. If the command is linux-spesific, its under the linux folder obviously and most of the other things goes to common. You can create a small script that takes command as input and checks the folders one by one and returns if it finds an existing page. This is left as an exercise for the reader. (or you may just simply install a client, visit tldr).


curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0" "" --data-urlencode "q=WORD_OR_SENTENCE" | grep -Po '<div dir="ltr" class="t0">\K[^<]*'
  • Change FROM to source language code, for example en for English.
  • Change TO to destination language code, for example tr for Turkish.
  • Change WORD_OR_SENTENCE to anything you want. You can use spaces.
  • Wrap this to a bash script and enjoy easy translations.

This example demonstrates how you can get the relevant information from an ordinary website. Always use the mobile versions if available because it is easier to parse them.

Cryptocurrency rates

  • curl Shows the cryptocurrency rates.
    • Run curl for more information about usage.


  • curl Turns given string/url into an ASCII art QR code.


If you are using a service that supports WebDAV, you can use these simple curl commands to download/upload files to your service. You can also do more sophisticated things with curl but if you need more than just downloading/uploading files then it's better to use a client dedicated for that service.

  • Downloading:
    • curl -u LOGIN:PASSWORD --output FILE
    • Downloads the server_dav://REMOTE_FILE to FILE
  • Uploading:
    • curl -u LOGIN:PASSWORD -T FILE
    • Uploads FILE to server_dav://REMOTE_FILE

It's better not to write your password while using these commands. If you remove the password part it will just simply show you a password prompt when you execute these commands which better than exposing your password to bash history.

Convert Documents

I'll just leave a link here: You can convert nearly any format to any other one using this service. It has a nice and clear API. The website provides curl command examples.