Isa Mert Gurbuz


Software Engineer • Trendyolremote

July 2021 - ongoing

  • Working as a fullstack developer using React.js on the frontend and working with several microservices written in node.js (using NestJS) and Kotlin (using Quarkus) on the backend. Databases involved are Couchbase and PostgreSQL.

Software Engineer • Soostone/Wellremote

Sept 2020 - July 2021

  • I worked as fullstack developer on a health-care project in a multi-cultural work environment with multiple time-zones.
  • I mainly worked on node.js microservices that is using AWS technologies, such as Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito.
  • I was also contributing to a Haskell monolith backend project and other React.js frontend projects.
  • Along with these I developed several internal tools, for automating and validating some internal workflows that led to at least ~70% increase in productivity on their specific related task. Mainly used Haskell and TypeScript.

Software Engineer • HuaweiIstanbul, Turkey

Sept 2019 - Sept 2020

  • Worked on the development of a CMS project as a backend developer.
    • The system is used by maintainers for managing applications published to the AppGallery application market.
    • The system was written in Java and consisted several microservices.
    • I designed and developed new endpoints, did refactoring and bunch of improvements.
    • I was also responsible for building, maintaining and improving the DevOps process.
  • Worked on adapting Huawei Mobile Services to third party frameworks.
    • I led a newly formed team of ~ten Cordova developers and developed Cordova libraries.
    • Worked closely with React-Native team and developed cross-framework libraries.
    • I also automated lots of internal workflows, mostly using Bash scripts.

Software Engineer • Akadumi.comfreelance

June - Aug 2019

  • Developed an e-commerce website for selling courses using MongoDB, Node.js with Express.js for the backed and React.js with Next.js for the frontend and published using GCP.

Software Engineer • Civil Aviation Research and Application Center • Eskisehir, Turkey

Apr - Aug 2017

  • Designed and developed a tool for managing/archiving/automating some aviation-related test results using Kotlin and Java. The program also lets users work on those test results collaboratively in a secured environment.

Software Engineer Intern • SavronikEskisehir, Turkey

June - Sept 2016

  • Designed and developed an extensive IDE/GUI designer for D4D library using C++ and Qt toolkit. The IDE has a fully-featured GUI designer that outputs pure C code, basic code editing tools, translation manager and other helpful tools for developing applications for embedded devices.

Personal Projects


• Politechnika Krakowska • Computer Engineering • Exchange Semester

Fall 2017

• Eskisehir Technical University • Computer Engineering • Undergrad

2014 - 2018

• Anadolu University, Open Education Faculty • Philosophy • Undergrad

2017 - ongoing


  • Languages ∷ JavaScript and TypeScript (browswer and node.js/deno), Haskell, Rust, Kotlin, Java, Emacs Lisp, Python, Bash, C++, Guile Scheme, C, PHP, R, Clojure, C#
  • Frameworks ∷ Javascript {React.js, Express.js, Next.js}, Java/Kotlin {Spring, JavaFX}, C++/Python {Qt}
  • Tooling ∷ Emacs, Basic UNIX tools {sed, grep, find, vi(m), ssh}, git, Bash/ZSH, Nix, AWS, serverless, GCP
  • Concepts ∷ functional programming, object-oriented programming, API design, automation, workflow optimization, literate programming

Additional/Voluntary work

  • I gave introductory courses on Python at Anadolu University Computer Club on fall 2016.
  • I gave introductory courses on GNU/Linux at Anadolu University Computer Club on fall 2015.

Interests and Activities

  • I'm a huge advocate of free software movement. I try to publish all of my works as free software. I try to contribute FOSS projects. You can see a glimpse of my contributions to other free software projects through my GitHub page.
  • In my free time I generally read books of philosophy. I really like the works of German idealists. I also do enjoy reading about newer philosophical thoughts like post-modernism/post-structuralism.
  • I publish short movie/show/album critics/reviews (in Turkish) here, you can also check out my IMDb ratings.
  • I try to scrobble what I listen here.
  • Be sure to check out my website to see more content.