Isa Mert Gurbuz


Senior Software Engineer • Trendyolremote

July 2021 - ongoing

  • Working as a fullstack developer using React.js on the frontend and working with several microservices written in node.js (using NestJS) and Kotlin/Java (using Quarkus/Spring) on the backend. Databases involved are Couchbase, PostgreSQL and Cassandra.
  • Working on real-time, high-throughput event processing systems using Kafka Streams. Designing and implementing resilient, self-healing, anti-fragile systems from ground-up.

Software Engineer • Soostone/Wellremote

Sept 2020 - July 2021

  • I worked as fullstack developer on a health-care project in a multi-cultural work environment with multiple time-zones.
  • I mainly worked on node.js microservices that is using AWS technologies, such as Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito.
  • I was also contributing to a Haskell monolith backend project and other React.js frontend projects.
  • Along with these I developed several internal tools, for automating and validating some internal workflows that led to at least ~70% increase in productivity on their specific related task. Mainly used Haskell and TypeScript.

Software Engineer • HuaweiIstanbul, Turkey

Sept 2019 - Sept 2020

  • Worked on the development of a CMS project as a backend developer.
    • The system is used by maintainers for managing applications published to the AppGallery application market.
    • The system was written in Java and consisted several microservices.
    • I designed and developed new endpoints, did refactoring and bunch of improvements.
    • I was also responsible for building, maintaining and improving the DevOps process.
  • Worked on adapting Huawei Mobile Services to third party frameworks.
    • I led a newly formed team of ~ten Cordova developers and developed Cordova libraries.
    • Worked closely with React-Native team and developed cross-framework libraries.
    • I also automated lots of internal workflows, mostly using Bash scripts.

Software Engineer • Akadumi.comfreelance

June - Aug 2019

  • Developed an e-commerce website for selling courses using MongoDB, Node.js with Express.js for the backed and React.js with Next.js for the frontend and published using GCP.

Software Engineer • Civil Aviation Research and Application Center • Eskisehir, Turkey

Apr - Aug 2017

  • Designed and developed a tool for managing/archiving/automating some aviation-related test results using Kotlin and Java. The program also lets users work on those test results collaboratively in a secured environment.

Software Engineer Intern • SavronikEskisehir, Turkey

June - Sept 2016

  • Designed and developed an extensive IDE/GUI designer for D4D library using C++ and Qt toolkit. The IDE has a fully-featured GUI designer that outputs pure C code, basic code editing tools, translation manager and other helpful tools for developing applications for embedded devices.

Personal Projects

You can see other projects that I did not mention (they might be inactive or insignificant to be mentioned) here in my GitHub page.


• Politechnika Krakowska • Computer Engineering • Exchange Semester

Fall 2017

• Eskisehir Technical University • Computer Engineering • Undergrad

2014 - 2018

• Anadolu University, Open Education Faculty • Philosophy • Undergrad

2017 - ongoing


  • Languages ∷ JavaScript and TypeScript (browswer and node.js/deno), Haskell, Rust, Kotlin, Java, Emacs Lisp, Python, Bash, C++, Guile Scheme, C, PHP, R, Clojure, C#
  • Frameworks ∷ Javascript {React.js, Express.js, Next.js}, Java/Kotlin {Spring, JavaFX}, C++/Python {Qt}
  • Tooling ∷ Emacs, Basic UNIX tools {sed, grep, find, vi(m), ssh}, git, Bash/ZSH, Nix, AWS, serverless, GCP
  • Concepts ∷ functional programming, object-oriented programming, API design, automation, workflow optimization, literate programming

Additional/Voluntary work

  • I gave introductory courses on Python at Anadolu University Computer Club on fall 2016.
  • I gave introductory courses on GNU/Linux at Anadolu University Computer Club on fall 2015.

Interests and Activities

  • I'm a huge advocate of free software movement. I try to publish all of my works as free software. I try to contribute FOSS projects. You can see a glimpse of my contributions to other free software projects through my GitHub page.
  • In my free time I generally read books of philosophy. I really like the works of German idealists. I also do enjoy reading about newer philosophical thoughts like post-modernism/post-structuralism.
  • I publish short movie/show/album critics/reviews (in Turkish) here, you can also check out my IMDb ratings.
  • I try to scrobble what I listen here.
  • Be sure to check out my website to see more content.